Holidays like in Africa

"In the morning we went out in front bungalow and watched a herd of zebras and antelopes grazing nearby. We stayed to watch them during the whole breakfast while remembering the previous evening by the campfire . Everyone has a great time yesterday . Just occasionally we shiver when distant roar of lions … "

This isn’t an excerpt from the African journal of the famous adventurer and explorer . This could  be your own experiences with  Dvur Králové.

We offer accommodation in african style , not only in the Hotel Safari, but in the Safari Camp , which is part of the ZOO Dvůr Králové . From your bungalow, tent or caravan , you can also observe wild African animals and stay throughout the day and night, as well as in the africa‘s national parks.
We still have some more. Attractive surroundings , the atmosphere of a real holiday and experience , which is like to share .

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Seeking to Rewind Mammalian Extinction - The Effort to Save the Northern White Rhino

Datum: 05.05.2016

In December 2015 an international group of scientists convened in Austria to discuss the imminent extinction of the northern white rhinoceros and the possibility of bringing the species back...

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