Experiences at the zoo

Safari Camp can be your base camp, where the adventure begins, full of observation of African animals, extreme adventures and excursions. Of course if you want to …
It's worth to stay at us longer. In Africa is no hurry.

TIP: We recommend two days at least. For two nights in a tent, a VAN, and camper you get free tickets from us. Guests have a discount on evening safari.

Experience programmes

We offer you a range of experience programs which brings you so close to the animals to be able to feel and smell them.

You can order them directly at the reception or purchase as a gift voucher in the zoo e-shop  .

Off-road safari

Off-road safari

Only you, herds of animals, and a reliable guide. Enjoy the ride with off-road Dodge Ram 5.7 liters a real african dinner after returning from the wilderness. Experience the evening between herds of animals on grassland Serengeti. When zebras come to greet you  at arm's length, it will take your breath away.

You get a zoo DVD as an extra gift . More about Off-road  safari . Reception will ensure this experience.

Evening safari

Evening safari

Take in the spectacle of an African twilight. Watch herds of rhinos, zebras, giraffes and antelopes at sundown from a safari bus. Meet the lions and cheetahs lurking in the gathering dusk. Get ready for something that cannot be matched anywhere else in Europe. When darkness falls on a warm evening, it is the closest you can get to being in Africa without leaving the Czech Republic. All this at the lowest possible cost.

Go to the zoo website to learn more about the evening safari 

Book this experience programme right at the hotel desk before 3 pm on the day in question or by using the booking form .

Back door

Back door
Look at the zoo thru back door. Smell the giraffe or explore the marine aquarium on the other side. Unusual guided tour will reveal places where others barely reach. Open the back door to taste back door one or more pavilions. Read more about the back door 


Zookeeper Safari Kemp

Caress a giraffe, give a hand to lemur, or feed the beast. Become one day one of us behind the scenes and discover the everyday life of a zoo exotic animals. To be zookeeper is the childhood dream your loved ones and you can arrange the these dreams come true. Do not expect any cuddling with a cute pet , zookeeper keeps :-)

Tip: It is necessary to book terms in advance . If you do not want to call thousands of numbers, please contact the camp reception, we can arrange it for your stay.

African Safari

African Safari

Enjoy the illusion Africa. A trip on the African safari can become the highlight of your visit ZOO Dvur Kralove . Why not to start it right therefore? You can expect an authentic experience of driving through the African wilderness, with groups of zebras and antelopes freely running close to you. More about African safari

Go to the zoo website to learn more about the African safari 

Rope park Katika Miti

Unique rope park, which is part of the zoo. There are a plenty of experiences waiting for you on the top ten obstacles in a brutal open-lifts, Tarzan jump, Burmese bridges and much more. You can buy tickets at reception with 10% discount. If you book a hotel room on-line, feel free to write it in the comments.

Pedal go-kart

Pedal go-kart Safari Kemp Zoo Dvur Kralove

Every man must have had a desire to ride the jeep It shows us the fact that every year are plenty of dads together with children come to use our slalom course on the parking lot under the safari camp. Quality and hand made ​​pedal jeeps are available from May to late September. You can rent it for a few bucks at reception Safari Camp.

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